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Prep Your Garage for the Cold Weather

Posted on October 18th, 2016

In Chicago, weather changes quickly and drastically. The jump from fall to winter is much shorter than you may anticipate and it is good to prepare early so that even if the outside is freezing, you will be at a comfortable temperature in your garage and home. Your garage is a place you enter in and out of each day, from getting in your car in the morning to parking it at night, you spend more time in your garage than you think about each day. If you are looking to redo, add on, or fix up your garage before the cold season hits, contact Absolute Garage Builders today and one of our expert staff members will help you decide what works best for you, your home, and your budget.

Tips to Get Winter Ready

A simple way to begin the process is to make sure your holiday decorations are easily accessible. You do not want to have to dig through your garage during the colder months, and making them easy to grab can help with organizing your garage as well and everything you are storing.

In terms of organizing what you store in your garage, make sure to keep everything clear of potential water on the floor. Even if you are careful about closing your garage door or if it is nicely sealed, heavy snow or rainfall can easily seep water into your garage. Parking your snowy car or walking through the garage in snow boots can track water in as well. Make sure your floor is clear of anything that can be damaged by water and you can do this by using shelves, wall organizing units or plastic bins.

Take Out the Winter Gear

Get out the snow shovels, tire chains and ice scrapers that have been pushed into the back storage of your garage. Find a way to organize them so that they are easy to use and bring tools in your car as well in case of an emergency or just to scrape ice off after leaving your car parked outside at work all day. Test out your snowplow to ensure it is in tip top shape for clearing a path in your driveway and sidewalk.

Weather Stripping Checkup

Weather stripping can become easily damaged in freezing weather and moisture and can get cracked or brittle. If your weather stripping looks this way, it will not be productive in terms of keeping out the cold. Remove and replacing old stripping can be easily done, you can remove it with a scraper or knife. Clean the surface and measure the new stripping so that your garage is tightly sealed, keeping the cold out.

Lastly, two options that are important to consider are installing a garage heater and insulating your garage door. In terms of a garage heater, if you are storing equipment that can be damaged under cold conditions, it may be a good option to consider to prevent having to replace expensive machinery. Insulating your garage door can be done using fiberglass batt, reflective barrier or foam boards, the most common choices.

Be prepared for the harsh Chicago winter, it comes more quickly than you think. Contact Absolute Garage Builders today if you want to replace your garage door for a better-insulated model or if you are looking to redo or add on to you garage before the cold temperatures and icy storms set in.


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