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Garage Building – Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs – Garage Construction | Absolute Garage Builders

At Absolute Garage Builders, we specialize in garage construction in Chicago and its suburbs, employing highly skilled craftsmen who handle all aspects of your construction project using the highest-grade construction materials.

If you’re considering garage construction on your property but have some reservations, here are answers to some of the questions potential clients most commonly ask us.

1. Q: What permits are required for garage construction in the greater Chicago area, including the suburbs?

A: In Chicago, a building permit is typically required. However, each suburb may have its own permitting process. It’s essential to check with your local municipality’s building department, whether it’s Evanston, Oak Park, Naperville, or another suburb, to determine specific requirements.

If you want to do some research on your local building codes, you can use the internet. Simply type into your browser “city zoning requirements,” followed by the name of your town, county, borough, or township.

You, the property owner, are responsible for securing the permits and paying associated fees, but we will assist you by providing all the necessary construction information.

2. Q: Are there universal restrictions on the size and height of a new garage across all Chicago suburbs?

A: While Chicago has its zoning ordinances, each suburb may have its own set of regulations. Generally, there will be limits based on residential zones, but the specifics can vary from one suburb to another.

If the garage project you have in mind does not comply with your city’s zoning laws, you may apply to your local zoning authority for a variance granting you an exemption to these laws. The variance may or may not be granted.

3. Q: How does the weather in the Chicago metropolitan area affect garage construction timelines?

A: As we know, the winters in both Chicago and its suburbs can be harsh, leading to potential construction delays. Planning and possibly expecting extended timelines during colder months is a wise approach across the entire region.

4. Q: Do all suburbs require a foundation for garage construction as Chicago does?

A: Most suburbs will require a proper foundation due to the regional weather conditions. However, the type and depth might vary, so it’s essential to consult local regulations.

5. Q: What materials are recommended for garages in the greater Chicago area, considering the climate?

A: Weather-resistant materials like treated lumber, brick, or cement board siding are advisable across the region. Quality roofing material is also crucial to withstand diverse weather conditions.

6. Q: Can I later build a rooftop deck on my garage in the Chicago suburbs?

A: While many Chicago residents add rooftop decks to their garages, each suburb might have its own regulations. Before proceeding, ensure you understand local codes and obtain the necessary permits.

7. Q: Is the cost per square foot for garage construction consistent across Chicago and its major suburbs?

A: Costs will fluctuate based on location, materials, and labor. Current Chicago prices range between $47 to $70 per square foot, but prices in the suburbs could be slightly different.

8. Q: What about the foundation? Do you pour it yourself or hire a special contractor for this portion of the project?

A. The short answer is that the skilled craftsmen at Absolute Garage Builders do it all from the foundation to the roof. Our projects utilize a 28-point construction plan that begins with a Keystone-style footing with ⅝ rebar steel reinforcement, poured with a 4-5 inch concert slab.

And by the way, if there happens to be an old garage slab on your property, we will tear it out completely and remove it before pouring our slab.


9. Q: Is alley access a concern in the suburbs like it is in Chicago?

A: While many Chicago homes rely on alley access for their garages, not all suburbs have the same layout. Ensure your garage entrance aligns with any local access points, whether that’s from an alley, driveway, or street.

10. Q: Are there regional initiatives or incentives to make my garage energy efficient in the Chicago suburbs?

A: Some suburbs might offer incentives for energy-efficient home improvements. Research local programs or consult your municipality’s website to explore opportunities.

11. Q: Does the roofing type vary between Chicago and its suburbs?

A: While there are standards for roofing materials in Chicago, each suburb might have its own preferences or regulations. You can be assured we will always be in compliance with local requirements.

12. Q: Can I later convert my garage into a living space in Chicago’s suburbs?

A: Converting a garage into a living space will again require compliance with specific building codes, which can vary across municipalities. Before starting, consult your local building department to ensure compliance.

Garage Construction at Its Finest by Absolute Garage Builders

At Absolute Garage Builders, we construct garages throughout the greater Chicagoland area. We offer a wide range of garage plans, and as we have said, our craftsmen use only the highest quality materials and construction methods in compliance with local zoning ordinances.

We are always happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate, so call us today and give us the opportunity to bring your garage plans into reality.

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