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Chicago and Its Suburbs – 3 Car Garage Construction


In the bustling greater Chicagoland area, space is a premium commodity. A detached garage is not just a structure; it’s also a versatile extension of your home. Imagine the convenience of secure parking for your vehicles, away from the harsh Chicago winters. But it’s more than just parking; this space can be your workshop, a storage haven, or even a recreational area.

The benefits extend beyond functionality; it’s an investment in home value improvement. Adding a 3 car garage can significantly enhance your property’s value and curb appeal. And as any real estate agent will tell you, that makes it a wise return on investment for any homeowner.

Beyond home value, the appeal of a 3 car garage lies in its spaciousness and adaptability. Whether you need extra room for your cars or you’re a hobbyist in search of a large workspace, the square footage of a 3 car garage offers the perfect solution.

In other words, it’s about maximizing your property’s potential and elevating your lifestyle.

Garage Doors and Colors

Absolute Garage Builders recognizes that building a garage is an important investment, and the garage door is one part of your home that makes a statement about your taste. The style, material, and quality can shine, but the color is the factor that helps make that statement.

Absolute Garage Builders has a great collection of garage doors and door options available for 3 car garages. And we make it easy for you to make your selection of just the right door:

  • Choose the type
  • Select your color
  • Select a window insert
  • We make sure it fits.
  • Pick your opener
  • We install it and test it.

We’re confident you will find that perfect match of style and color here on our site.

Garage Windows

We’ll also assist you in choosing the right type of windows for your garage addition. We maintain an inventory of maintenance-free, energy-efficient windows that come in a wide variety of types and styles. Some of the most popular choices are:

  • Slider type Windows
  • Picture type
  • Jalousie
  • Double Hung
  • Octagon

You also have the option of going to your local Home Depot or another home center to select your window type.

Why Choose Absolute Garage Builders for Your 3 Car Garage Project?

Absolute Garage Builders is your go-to expert in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs for transforming your need for a 3 car garage into reality. Our blend of quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing, financing options, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart.

With Absolute Garage Builders, you’re not just building a garage. You’re investing in space maximization and a home improvement project tailored to your needs. From the initial design to the final touches, our team makes sure the project aligns with your expectations.

Ready to elevate your Chicago area home with a spacious, versatile 3 car garage? Contact Absolute Garage Builders today at 773-583-8800 and take the first step towards making your dream garage a reality.

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