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Apartment Garage

If you are looking for a studio, an on-site apartment for a high school or college student, a rental apartment to earn extra income, or just a luxurious place to get away, look into building a garage with an attached apartment or loft. You don’t need to own a stand-alone home to build a garage with an attached apartment. We are experienced garage-apartment builders who take pride in our premium garage apartments that meet all of our customers’ varied needs. When working with our customers, we ensure their garage complements their property and meets their needs for long-term results.

If you own land, a home or are considering purchasing land by itself, consider building the garage apartment first, followed by the home itself. This is a great way to ease your way into your custom- built home. Our team of professionals works with our customers throughout the entire building process. As experienced contractors, we are proud to offer garages that double as apartments. With our extensive knowledge, homeowners can trust our process of building a garage with an added apartment that is perfect for students and young people looking to transition into their first place without making a long-term commitment. Our technicians are specially trained to build quality garage-apartments that are not only comfortable but look good and add property value.

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When a homeowner decides to build a 1 car garage with an apartment on a property, he or she must choose the right materials to get the proper look. The team will go over all the options to make sure they build a garage with an apartment that perfectly suits the needs of the property owner and the resident of the apartment for complete satisfaction. For a superior finished product, when a property owner is looking for a company that knows how to build a garage apartment, we are the perfect choice.

One more good reason to build now. With housing seeing a gloomy day one way to increase your property value is to add a 1 Car Garage to the property. Not only will it give you that needed extra space, but it will also increase the value of your home. According to a recent survey of REALTORS across the country a two car garage adds substantial value to your home. By utilizing superior workmanship and the highest quality materials, we can create an apartment with a garage that will substantially add value to a home for years to come, regardless of how the housing market looks.

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