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When To Take Down Outside Christmas Lights On Your Garage

Posted on January 6th, 2022

With the holidays now behind us, it’s time to start thinking about when you’ll take down your outdoor Christmas lights. Chicago’s harsh Winter weather conditions are bound to show up throughout January and February, which is why most households will hold off on taking down roof lights until the early Spring.

Take Down Outside Christmas Lights On Your Garage

Others might take advantage of a calm, dry day where temperatures are slightly above freezing.

While either plan might sound ideal, there are several risks that come with Christmas light removal, no matter when the task is performed. To help you tackle this feat, we’ve gathered some safety tips to help you prepare to remove the Christmas lights bordering your home in the New Year:

  1. Watch The Weather Conditions
    a. Snow, wind, and ice are three elements you need to worry about this time of year. There’s a greater risk of becoming sick from the cold or falling due to adverse weather conditions. You should keep an eye on the future weather forecast, and find a calm, dry day to plan out this task.
  2. Don’t Do This Alone
    a. Any task that requires you climbing high off the ground should be supervised. Enlisting the help or supervision of a neighbor, friend or family member is ideal for this situation. Not only will they be able to hold your ladder as you ascend and descend it, but also call for help if any accidents happen.
  3. Ensure You Have Proper Equipment
    a. For this particular task, you’ll need a sturdy ladder, closed-toed shoes with good traction, and gloves with good gripping capabilities. All of these items will greatly reduce the risk of an accident occurring as you remove your roof’s Christmas lights.
  4. Power Down And Make A Removal Plan
    a. At first glance, it seems easier to climb a ladder and tear the wires off of your roof. Doing so could not only pose a safety risk to you, but also a damage risk to your home.b. Making a plan using the tips listed above can not only reduce the risk of an accident, but it can make this task significantly less stressful to approach. It’s also important to unplug power to the lights first, know where you’ll begin removing lights on your roof, and allow yourself ample time to complete this task.

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