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Upgrade Your Garage

Posted on December 21st, 2016

Take Advantage of Your Garage

A garage door is something people often take for granted or do not realize its worth. Your garage is the first visible part of your home that people look at when they walk by or pull up into your driveway. The size of your garage opens to door to many ways you can improve upon its appearance and provide your home with more curb appeal. Although winter is here, you can still find small DIY ways to improve your garage before everyone comes over for the holidays. If you are looking to redo your garage, contact Absolute Garage Builders and choose from a selection of styles to find the right for your home.

DIYs to Improve Your Garage

One way to improve the outside appearance of your garage door is to create a carriage style house, which will add interest and value. The process to do so is quick, easy and inexpensive leaving you with great results. You will want to get new hardware for the door and then you can paint four small squares into the shape of a square to create a look that makes it appear that there are windows.

Another way to change the appearance of your garage door and make it look better is if you have a faded aluminum garage door that has sat through many long hot summers, apply gel stain to the outside of the door. Gel stain is easy to apply and creates a wood-like finish that takes knocks your aluminum door out of the ballpark.

A tip for home winter prep is insulating your garage door. If you insulate the walls and ceiling, you will lower your energy bill all year long. The insulation will help keep the warm in and the cold out so when you pull into your garage and close the door you do not feel the bitter wind chill of the Chicago winter.

Your garage is essentially an extra space in your home. Take advantage of this space and build shelves and organize sports equipment, holiday decorations that are packed away and tools or other household knick knacks that you do not know where to store. Your garage is a great space to put everything to the side, as long as there is room for your car you are in good shape. Get creative with your garage and create a space to leave wet, snow covered winter boots and coats or a workbench for projects. There are many ways you can use your garage and a storage space is an easy fix.

Contact Absolute Garage Builders

Your garage is a lot more important than most people think. It is the first thing people see before they enter your house and the last when they leave. You want to maintain your garage door to make sure it is always in tip top shape and can use it as a space of storage or a mudroom for your family’s wet shoes and coats. Call Absolute Garage Builders today if you are looking to revamp your garage and add value to your home.

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