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Tips on Cleaning Out Your Garage

Posted on February 15th, 2023

With Spring on the Distant Horizon, It’s Time to Think About Cleaning Out That Garage Full of Junk

You may have intended the garage to be your workshop, or maybe your home gym. Perhaps the world’s next great rock band was going to be created there. Or maybe you actually intended to park your cars in it. But over time, you’ve accumulated so much “stuff” in your garage that it’s really become nothing more than a storage shed filled with garage junk.

Well, it doesn’t have to stay that way. As winter eventually starts to lose its grip and nature starts to reemerge, that’s a good time to shed all those things you really don’t need and restore your garage to its former glory and original purpose.

Here are a few of our best suggestions, with emphasis on discarding and organizing.

Things to Discard

Over time, it’s amazing how much unused and unneeded stuff winds up in the garage, and here are some things that probably need to go.

Old Paint

Properly sealed and stored, paint can last for several years. But if you have used some of the paint and only haphazardly sealed and stored it, the odds are pretty good it’s no longer usable. If it’s gotten gummy and smells strange, get rid of it.

But discard it the right way. Many cities will allow you to discard water-based paint in your garbage, but with oil-based paint, regulations could be different. A lot of municipalities consider oil-based paint to be toxic and require disposal at hazardous waste facilities. So, it’s a good idea to check your local ordinances to be on the safe side.

Old Books

We know you’re planning on reading those books you’ve stored away in the garage, but honestly, the chances are you’re not. They’re just sitting there collecting dust and attracting bugs, so it’s time to donate or sell.

So, clean off the dust and see if you might donate them to some local non-profit dedicated to fighting illiteracy. Or, take them to a bookstore that buys secondhand books. Sure, you’ll only get pennies on the dollar, but that’s better than letting them rot away in your garage where they’re only taking up space.

Unused Toys

If you’re a parent, perhaps you’ve stored toys in the garage that your kids have long since outgrown. Don’t let sentimentality get in the way here. Let some other kids use them by donating them to some charity or perhaps to another family that has younger kids who will use them.

Old Furniture

This stuff, especially pieces that have drawers, can serve as a haven for bugs and rodents, so do something with it. You might repurpose it and bring it back into the house, or sell it to a secondhand store or to someone who repurposes old furniture.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Most every garage has stacks of old boxes we think we’re going to use, but we never do. Unfortunately, like old furniture, they can serve as breeding grounds for the bugs and rodents you don’t want infesting your garage. So, get real and get rid of those boxes you’re probably never going to use. Donate them to your city’s recycling program.

And Also …

Add to the discard list, broken garden tools and expired chemicals. Be gone with you!

Tips on Organizing

Now that you’ve cleaned out the garage, here are a few suggestions for organizing what’s left.

Think Like a Store Owner

Walk into any store and you’ll see that items are located in specific areas. Try to do that same thing in your garage, with particular items stored in a specific place.

Use Clear Plastic Bins

For the stuff you’re keeping, get some plastic bins for storage. A great thing about them is that since they’re made of clear plastic, the contents are clearly visible, and with tight-fitting lids, no tape is needed to keep them shut!

A Garbage Can for Sports Equipment

No, we’re not saying throw the equipment away. But a large garbage can is a great place to store the odds and ends of sporting equipment that might wind up in the garage. And in the can, they’ll stay dry and shouldn’t rot.

Keep It Organized

Now that you’ve done the grunt work of removing the clutter and have everything clean and organized, don’t let new clutter creep back in. A couple of times a year, conduct an inventory, clean out the things you don’t need, and keep your remaining inventory neatly stored and organized.

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