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Tips for End-of-Summer Cleaning

Posted on August 15th, 2016

Before school starts and you are swamped with carpool, sports games, homework, and other activities, take some time to clean and store all of your summer items so that they are ready to use next spring. Whether you are storing the items in your garage, mudroom, or basement, it is important to have everything in tip top shape before putting it away for awhile! Here are some ways to do just that:

Musty Beach Towels

Beach towels may not be on your top list of cleaning priorities in the summer because they are constantly being used from pool parties to days at the beach you are always in need of these towels. When the summer comes to a close, beach towels can be musty and dirty even after washing because of how much use they get during the season. It is important to deep clean your beach towels before the fall so that you can store them in your garage in containers or in your basement and will not have to buy new ones next spring and summer. To start, use the hottest water possible, though make sure it will not damage the fabric, and add a small amount of fabric softener to the final rinse before machine-drying.

Muddy Tennis Shoes

Muddy tennis shoes can be a problem year-round, however, especially after a long hot summer of sport camps, playing at the park and running through mud puddles after a rainy day it is important to make sure your tennis shoes are in tip top shape before school starts and other sports and activities begin. First, let the mud on the shoes dry completely, and then take the shoes outside and bang the soles together to get off as much of the dried much as you can. Mix warm water and hand dishwashing soap and with an old toothbrush scrub to remove the remaining mud. If some will not come off, use a nylon pad. Wipe the shoes with a damp sponge or paper towels and lastly, stuff the insides of the tennis shoes with clean paper towels and let them air dry. This trick is also useful after any sports season, so you do not have to buy new tennis shoes every year!

Grubby Molded-Resin Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor dinners on your patio during a warm, summer night are where the best memories are made. However, after the summer is over your outdoor furniture is most likely dirty from use of of being eaten of off or rained on. It is important before storing the furniture in your garage or basement to make sure it is clean so that they stay in good condition for next spring and summer seasons. To start, avoid chlorine bleachers and silicone cleaners. Wash or splash with a mild detergent and water and use a sponge or paper towel to scrub off leftover residue. Then you are ready to store until the next warm seasons!

Storing your items after the summer is important, but make sure everything is clean so that you are able to use them next year! The garage is a great space to store all of these items in cabinets, shelves, or containers. If you are looking to expand your garage by adding an addition or feel that it is time for a makeover, contact Absolute Garage Builders today and we can help you make a space that is easy and big enough to store all of your belongings. Fill out this quick form for a free estimate today!

Courtesy of: American Cleaning Institute

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