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Reducing Energy Bill With An Improved Garage Door

Posted on October 15th, 2019

If you find yourself using less electricity, but your energy bill is not going down, it’s possible that you’re still using excess energy through your garage door. One of the biggest issues with garage doors is when hot or cold air is lost through the bottom of the door. As your Chicagoland garage builders, we want to make sure you are reducing your energy bill, especially with the cold weather right around the corner. Consider these different factors in order to keep your energy costs down.

Wood End Blocks

Second end blocks help keep the insulating material where it belongs and also keeps the hinges secured to the ends of the door. End blocks can keep your garage door more energy efficient because wood does not transfer heat. Instead, it will cause a thermal break and make sure there is no heat loss in the winter, while also keeping heat out in the summer.


Consider weatherstripping the outside and bottom of the garage door. This type of high-quality, double-lipped weatherstripping can remain flexible even when the temperatures drop to below freezing. This will keep the energy down as your garage will not have to work as hard to keep the cold air out.

Non-Heat Transferring Door Joints

Using high-quality PVC between metal sheets helps create a thermal break and reduces the conduction of heat, ultimately maximizing the efficiency of the garage door.

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