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Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

Posted on April 13th, 2017

For those that have full patio sets, you know that they do not come cheap. When you purchase wood furniture, it looks great, but there is additional upkeep involved. Since you invested in these pieces, you should take steps to protect the wood from the elements in order to ensure they last as long as they can. For non-wood furniture, just make sure to always bring in the seat pads if it is going to rain!


It is important to consider both where you live, and where you will place the furniture. Where you live helps determine the general weather; if you live in Seattle, for example, you will likely want a water sealant. However, if you live in Phoenix, you will need paint or another form of protection from the sun. Considering the weather is also important when you are placing the furniture; if you know it rains often, maybe place the furniture closer to a covering, making it easier to move if a storm is coming. With a fully covered patio, you will have to worry about this less.


In general, you can use water sealant, paint, or varnish to protect your wood furniture. Paint is the strongest protection, though some are not willing to lose the original look of the wood. When you live in an extremely sunny area, paint provides the protection from UV rays that your wood furniture needs. Choose latex paint over oil-based paint, and keep a small jar of it for any touch ups needed. With water sealant, your furniture is protected from rain and general moisture, perfect for a more humid climate! Finally, any home can utilize varnish to protect your outdoor furniture; the wood will maintain its look, and you can reapply every few years.

In general, protecting your outdoor wood furniture is as simple as spending a couple of hours sealing the items. Take some time to think about the weather where you live, and decide on the best option based on how you want your furniture to look.

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