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Preventing Garage Break-Ins

Posted on February 28th, 2019

Everyone fears the possibility of a home break-in, and no one wants to encourage it. Unfortunately, it is estimated that there’s a residential burglary every eighteen seconds in the United States. As you might have already guessed, the garage is a good entry point for such unwanted activity. Given that some of our most valuable items are stored in our garages, our garage builders in Chicago don’t want this to happen to you. Below are some tips on how to prevent a garage break-in.

Hide the Remote

Never leave the remote to your garage in plain sight. We advise against leaving it clipped to your visor, on your rear-view mirror, or in a cup holder. Attach the remote to your car keys or hide it in a place thieves won’t guess to look for it. If your garage has this capability, skip the remote altogether and use your smartphone to open and close your garage door.

Going Out of Town?

If you’re leaving home for an extended period of time or going on a long vacation, our garage builders in Chicago recommend disconnecting the electric door motor altogether. This makes it impossible for potential intruders to tamper with the keypad or remote to open your garage.

Window Protection

If you have windows at the top of your garage door, you’ll need to take measures to safeguard them. Cover clear glass panes with a curtain or use some type of opaque or reflective privacy film to conceal the belongings kept inside.

For more information on how to protect your garage or information about installing an all-new one, contact Absolute Garage Builders today!

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