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Painting Your Garage Floor

Posted on September 12th, 2016

There are simple ways to increase the appeal of your garage and make it feel more like a part of your home and not a space you dread going into because the floor is dirty, wet or subject to the harsh Chicago wind you can feel coming from outside. Painting your garage floor is an easy way to make your garage more aesthetically pleasing, while also making it more pleasant to walk on. You can create a workplace environment or just brighten up the space. If you are looking to redo your garage floor Absolute Garage Builders can help you find the right style that fits you and your home. Our expert staff has built many different types and styles of garages and our aim is to help you.

Types of Paint

The most important step in painting your garage is picking out the right paint. Concrete is affected as seasons change, it expands and contracts while drawing up moisture from the ground below it, and if you do not take this into account while picking paint it could easily crack and peel off quickly. The type of paint you need depends on the end result you are looking for, whether it is to protect the floor from oil and fluid drips from your car or to create a workplace in your home there is a specific type of paint you need.

One type of paint is called masonry, which is great for garage floors made of concrete because it is very thick, much thicker than regular paint, and will expand and contract with the concrete instead of cracking and peeling off. Behr is one of the many brands that carries it. Epoxy is another kind of paint that has a variety of finishes that completely changes the look of your concrete. Painting with epoxy is more complex than the others, but the finishes are strong and do not need to be reapplied multiple times. Epoxy is good for a garage that you are taking to make into a workplace or extra space for your home. Latex paint is similar to masonry paint in a sense that it will expand and contract with your garage floor. Latex is a great fix for oil stains in your garage, however, you need to make sure to find a paint specifically for floors or you will have to continuously repaint.

Steps Before You Can Start Painting

After choosing which type of paint best suits the end result you want, you have a few more steps to go before you start painting. To start, thoroughly cleaning your floor will ensure that no debris will be left behind and end up painted and stuck to the floor or if there are any cracks to make sure they are covered up before you start painting. Sweep, scrub and use plenty of suds to make your floor as clean as possible! Next, sealing the concrete is equally as important because it keeps moisture from the ground from being pulled up where it will cause the paint to crack and peel. It also prevents spills from staining the floor.

The last few steps require paying close attention to the instructions on the paint. First, checking to see if you need to apply primer, which will depend on what type paint you are using because it is a sturdy base and covers old stains for those types of paint that need it. Then you can begin applying paint, however, be careful to look at the directions for drying time and how many coats of paint are necessary. Lastly, you need to let the floor completely dry and settle in for a complete 24 hours before walking or stacking or putting anything on the floor. Again, be sure to check the label on your paint in case it needs more time to dry.

Painting your garage floor is a doable and appealing project to spruce up your garage! Once you find the paint that works with what you aiming for, the rest is just following quick steps and before you know it your garage will look at feel as good as new. If you are looking to redo your garage floor, change your garage altogether or expand, consult with one of our experienced staff members at Absolute Garage Builders who will help you find the right solution for your home today.

Courtesy of: Painted Furniture Ideas

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