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Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Garage

Posted on April 20th, 2020

It’s easy to forget that your garage, as an extension of your home, contributes to monthly energy use and utility bills. If your garage is outdated or damaged, there’s a good chance it’s drawing more energy than is ideal. With Earth Day in mind (April 22), we’ll be discussing a few ways you can address your energy use.

Upgrade Your Insulation and Ventilation

Unless you’ve already updated your old garage, the insulation (if there is any) is unlikely to be as effective as more modern materials. In addition to outdated insulation, old windows can also lead to excessive heat loss in the winter. If you air condition your garage, outdated insulation and windows may make it less effective.

Lights, Garage Door Openers, and Other Appliances

Many garages have outdated lighting systems that draw an unnecessary amount of power when compared to more modern LEDs. If your garage includes an older garage door opener, it’s likely less energy efficient. It’s not uncommon for households to have a second refrigerator in the garage, but if you find that it’s not regularly used, consider emptying and unplugging it!

Install Solar Panels

Extra roof space = extra room for solar panels! In some cases, it may actually be more advantageous to install solar panels on your garage’s roof than the roof of your home. If you live in a home that’s more than a single story, getting on the roof to install solar panels and conduct maintenance is much more difficult.

We Build Garages in Chicago

If your garage is outdated, you deserve a do-over! Absolute Garage Builders follows a 28-point when constructing new garages for our customers. This allows us to ensure that there’s no detail overlooked when building garages in Chicago. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a free quote!

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