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How To Protect Your Garage From A Harsh Illinois Storm

Posted on September 9th, 2021

While garages are built to protect your car and personal belongings from normal weather, there’s no telling what will happen when a bad storm strikes. Preparing your garage for these unexpected weather events is easier than you might think.

With warm summer days winding down across the Chicago area, cooler temperatures are coming along with inclement weather that travels with it. During a thunderstorm watch or tornado warning, damaging winds, heavy rain, and lightning all pose a threat to our property. It’s important to protect you and your family first by listening to the advice of the National Weather Service and staying inside your home. When it comes to your car and personal belongings, your garage is the storm shelter for these items.

Protect Your Garage From A Harsh Illinois Storm

To better protect the items inside your garage, we’ve gathered a few tips to ensure you and your belongings are prepared for the next thunderstorm warning in Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Install A Wind-Resistant Garage Storm Door – High winds are not uncommon around the city of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Installing a wind resistant door will not only help protect your belongings inside the garage, but it will also provide additional insulation and protection from the elements.
  2. Check The Sealing On All Doors And Windows – An improperly sealed door or window inside your garage means water can seep in and damage items inside. Sealing all entrances and windows with rubber lining can prevent water, wind and critters from creeping into this space.
  3. Fill All Cracks And Holes – Just like you would check the seals on the windows and doors, it’s vital for your garage walls and roof to be fully insulated too. Preventing the elements from entering your garage through any cracks or holes, will prolong the strength and lifespan of your garage.
  4. Put In Storm Drains Or Flood Vents – In the case of flash floods around the Chicagoland area, it’s vital to have a drainage system in place. This will prevent water from pooling and ruining your vehicle or other belongings inside the garage. It also means your garage will avoid standing water, which leads to internal structural damage and mold growth.

Improve Your Property Value By Installing An Apartment Garage In Chicago

While the extra maintenance to protect your garage might seem tedious, it’s well worth it to protect your vehicle and other belongings stored in this space. Installing an apartment garage in a city like Chicago holds many advantages. Not only will this protect your car year round, but it will also significantly increase the value of your property.

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