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Detached Garage Decisions

Posted on November 11th, 2015

There are a myriad of reasons why someone would build a garage, whether they need storage, parking, or an outdoor covered workspace. When you decide you want a garage, you have some basic decisions to make, including whether or not to have a detached garage over a carport. Benefits include increased storage, better protection for your belongings, and a lesser chance of having small animals getting into the garage.

Once you have determined that a detached garage is the right option for you, you’ll need to consider certain aspects before the building can begin. Depending on where you live, zoning and lot orientation will be crucial. Certain areas put a limit on the size of garage you can have, along with material restrictions. In addition, your home and driveway positioning is something to look at when you are deciding placement of your garage. Where you place your garage still needs to fit under zoning laws; you wouldn’t want to have a garage built and then have to tear it down!

By looking at zoning and lot orientation issues first, you can be sure to avoid problems in the future. After the boring part, it’s on to size and style! Here at Absolute Garage Builders, we can help you with the sizing; we know how large a garage should be depending on how many cars you have, how much storage you want, etc. There are plenty of styles available, but we typically would recommend it blending with your home to a certain extent. Choosing similar architecture, siding or exterior materials as your home will help add a visual element to your new garage.

When you decide to build a new garage, or just want to renovate your current garage, call Absolute Garage Builders!

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