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Can I Open My Garage Door During A Power Outage?

Posted on August 13th, 2019

The short answer is, yes. As garage builders in Chicago, we know that power outages can be scary and frustrating. However, if you have no electricity and need to get your garage door open to leave the house, it’s still a possibility. Check out these steps on how to get this done.

Grab A Flashlight

You will need a flashlight in case there is a power outage during the night. Having one handy will be helpful with trying to get work done in the dark.

Use The Emergency Opener

If you have an electric garage door, you most likely have a red emergency cord and when you pull on it, you disable the trolley operator. Make sure you slide it back an inch or so to fully disable the operator that normally pulls the door.

Locate The Lifting Handle

The lifting handle is usually installed in the bottom panel and if your door is well-balanced with the spring system, opening it should be pretty easy. If you are having trouble getting the garage door open, don’t force it—instead, contact a professional to help you figure out the problem. 

Close The Garage Door

Once you got what you needed out of the garage—car, bike, etc.—close the door the same way you opened it and reconnect the trolley to the T-shaped stem. You will know that you have completed this process when you hear a “click” sound.

If you need a garage builder in Chicago to help you through a power outage, contact us today and we will help walk you through your garage door opening and closing process.

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