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Why Should You Install A Garage For Boat Storage

Posted on August 16th, 2022

Boating is one of the great American pastimes and it is easy to see why. The sparkling water and the cool breeze; it’s both beautiful and relaxing. Trying to figure out how to store your boat after the season is over is a bit less pleasant.

Of course, there are several storage options for your boat during the off season. You can opt for outdoor boat storage at your local marina, climate controlled or heated storage in a warehouse, or to simply park it outside of your home for easy access.

Unlike most land-based transportation equipment, a boat won’t fare as well in the elements unless it’s looked after in a marina.

Throughout the United States and the suburbs outside of Chicago, Illinois, more homeowners are opting to build a garage specifically for their vessels. Our experts at Absolute Garage Builders have gathered some of the key benefits for protecting your boat with at-home storage.

A boat sits on a trailer inside a garage.

Is Having A Boat Garage Built Worth It?

Your boat is an investment and should be treated with care. While it might be tempting to leave your boat moored at the dock or housed in a local storage facility, there are numerous risks, as well as a hefty price tag, that go along with these options. Here are a few things to think about when considering whether or not to have a boat garage constructed at your home.

  • Added Protection
  • Having your boat stored in your own boat garage will not only protect it from harsh weather, wind, and UV damage, but can also keep it safe from thieves and vandals. Keeping your boat stored safely at home can also eliminate the risk of storm damage, barnacles, and sinking – three common issues you run into when leaving your boat moored at the dock.

  • Increase Home Value
  • Having a boat garage constructed at your home offers many benefits, but none quite so appealing as the increase it will give to your property value. With the housing market steadily dropping, investing in a boat garage is a sure way to add substantial value to your home while creating a secure spot to house your boat for the season.

  • Convenience
  • Not only can you take your boat out whenever you please without any fees or long waits during a busy loading or unloading season but you can also easily move it out of your garage to keep up on maintenance. Since boat garages are built specifically for your needs, storing your boat at home also eliminates the frustration of trying to find a storage facility that can house larger boats and trailers.

  • Zero Storage Fees
  • While there is the initial investment to have your boat garage constructed, you won’t have to worry about any storage, loading, or unloading fees to have your boat housed for the winter. While other boat enthusiasts are throwing their hard earned cash away for storage, you will be enjoying the convenience of having your boat right at home while your property values increase.

Protect Your Vessel With A Boat Storage Garage In Chicago

Absolute Garage Builders has been named the leading garage contractor in Chicago and it’s not a surprise to our clients. We offer a wide variety of plans for garage construction that you can customize to fit your own personal style.

Whether you are looking to add extra storage space for your cars in the suburbs, create a safe place for boat storage in Chicago, or simply want to enhance the curb appeal of your home, we are confident you will find the perfect garage at Absolute Garage Builders.

Give us a call today to get a free estimate on the garage of your dreams.

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