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Best Way to Store A Classic Car

Posted on August 26th, 2022

Best Way to Store A Classic Car - Car Garage in Chicago

As a collector, you spent years dreaming, searching for, saving up, and/or restoring your classic car. From Mustangs to Corvettes, Beetles to Roadsters, we know you work hard to keep your investment in mint condition. Classic car storage is an important part of that process.

Proper care before, during, and after storing your car is essential. Depending on how long you plan on storing your vehicle, it requires different methods. Read our tips below for help storing your classic vehicle.

What Type of Building Should You Use?

Without the proper indoor storage, your collector’s piece could undergo serious damage, leaving you with costly repairs or replacements.

When choosing a facility or home garage, make sure the environment is

  • Dry
  • Insulated
  • Climate-Controlled
  • Well-Ventilated

Keep your classic car away from the elements–rain, heat, high winds, and snow. Whether it’s short-term storage or a long stow, storing your vehicle in a heated car garage or storage unit is one of the best ways to protect your investment from the elements.

If your garage is not heated, place a tarp underneath your car to insulate the undercarriage from dangerous humidity and moisture.

Storing your car in a home garage is more cost-effective than a classic car storage facility. If you need garage construction in Chicago for your classic car, contact the experts at Absolute Garage Builders today.

Prepare the Engine for Storage

Proper preparation for your vehicle’s engine is essential if you want it to start when you are ready to drive it again. Based on the storage environment, it’s possible for the engine to suffer from rust, clogging, corrosion, freezing, or even rodent infestation.

The best ways to preserve your engine are:

  • Change the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant
  • Maintain or remove the battery
  • Seal the vents
  • Add protective compounds to rubber components

By taking the right precautions, you can keep your dream car in tip-top shape.

Fill Your Tank

We recommend filling the gas tank no matter the length of storage–and especially for winter storage. Filling the fuel tank will help prevent condensation, which can lead to rusting, which can contaminate the fuel.

If you are planning on storing your classic vehicle for longer than one year, we recommend you drain the fuel tank completely. Make sure to run the engine to remove any remaining fuel. This action can prevent oxidization, which can clog and varnish the engine valves and carburetor.

Prepare the Exterior

The exterior of your classic vehicle is just as important as the engine, and preparation for storage should be treated with the same importance. Some tips for exterior upkeep include

  • A thorough wash and wax
  • Inflating tires
  • Apply silicone solution to weatherstripping
  • Grease the joints, fittings, and bearings
  • Depress the clutch

We also recommend using a car cover to help reduce dust, scratches, and other cosmetic damages. If possible, install jack stands or a car lift in your garage to better protect it from the elements.

Bringing it Out of Storage

When it comes time to drive your car again, start with a full inspection of your vehicle. Check for damage, refill the liquids, inspect the undercarriage for fluid leaks, test the battery, and inspect for chewed belts, wires, or hoses, as well as rodent nests.

By taking the proper precautions, you may prevent further damage to your classic car.

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