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5 Things to Remove from Your Garage Today

Posted on July 8th, 2020

At Absolute Garage Builders, your premier contractor for garage construction services near Chicago, we’re convinced that keeping tons of useless clutter in your garage is holding you back from enjoying your space like you could be. Here’s our list of 5 things you need to get rid of immediately.

1. Old newspapers, magazines and books

These are an obvious fire hazard, and the chances are any information in them is probably outdated or can be found online. Bundle them up and place them in a recycle bin.

2. Old paints and chemicals

All those old cans of half-used paints and solvents are also a fire hazard, and they’re probably unusable anyhow. Take them to the nearest hazardous waste disposal facility and make your garage safer and emptier.

3. Unused sports and fitness equipment

It’s likely that someone in the family once went on a fitness kick, but the enthusiasm has long since faded. Today, the equipment may just be sitting there collecting dust and taking up space. If it’s still usable, donate to a charity or sell it. If it’s not usable, have it hauled away.

4. Old and broken tools

Decide which tools are still usable and worth keeping. You’ve probably already replaced many of the old tools with newer ones, and keeping the old ones simply adds to the clutter and makes it harder to find the tools you really need.

5. Old toys

Like clothes, children often outgrow their toys and want something newer. If old, unused toys are still in fairly good shape, donate them to a charity and collect a tax receipt in return. Otherwise, discard them.

Garage Construction Services Near Chicago

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