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What to Throw Out When Cleaning Your Garage

Posted on September 28th, 2018

The time has finally come to tidy-up your garage, but this time our garage builders in Chicago want you to approach it a little differently. Instead of using your garage as a storage space for forgotten items and worn out equipment, start making some cuts. Keeping useless clutter at the expense of being able to park inside your garage doesn’t make any sense. Start your garage clean-up by getting rid of these usual suspects.

  • Abandoned Fitness Equipment

Let’s be honest. At some point, you or one of your family members went on a health kick that was short lived. All that’s left behind of their fitness phase is outdated equipment and used sports gear. Don’t let it continue to take up valuable real estate. Pitch that rusty bike and move on.

  • Old, Broken Tools

Maybe you thought you could fix it, maybe you’ve been holding on just in case you need it, but either way, it’s decision time. Sort through your tools and determine which are in good enough shape to keep. If you have duplicate wrenches or cracked snow shovels, pitch them.

  • Children’s Toys

We understand if you can’t get rid of all of your childhood toys, but this is a great opportunity to donate your gently used tools to someone who would appreciate them.

  • Paint and Chemicals

If you’re like us, your garage is home to half-used paint cans and expired solvents. Given their flammable and toxic properties, our garage builders in Chicago recommend responsibly throwing these away. Head to your local hazardous waste disposal facility and make your garage a little safer.

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