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Top Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

Posted on March 14th, 2018

It’s likely you’ve experienced issues with your garage door at least once in your lifetime. As knowledgeable garage builders in Chicago, we’ve seen it all. If you’re currently experiencing garage door issues, we hope this blog post will educate you about the reason behind it and some possible solutions to get your garage up-and-running smoothly again.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

The transmitter is what sends signals between your remote and your door to prompt it to open. Pretty simple, but if the batteries on either end aren’t working, neither will your garage. Make sure the remote in your car has fresh batteries. If you change the batteries and it’s still not opening, change the batteries inside your garage transmitter.

An Unaligned Track

Look inside your garage to ensure the metal track is properly aligned with your door. If there are gaps or bends in the rails, contact Absolute Garage Builders, as this issue may be difficult to fix on your own.

Broken Springs

When these break, you’ll hear a loud noise coming from your garage, similar to a firecracker pop. The springs do the heavy lifting of your garage door, so having them break is not out of the question. Garage door springs are very dangerous to work with, so calling our garage builders in Chicago is in your best interest.

Your garage door may be malfunctioning for a number of reasons, and these are only a few. Maybe the harsh winter took a toll on your garage door, but now that spring is here, it’s important to fix any issues as soon as possible. Our garage builders in Chicago are happy to assist you with any garage-related issues; call us today!

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