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Increase Your Curb Appeal

Posted on May 25th, 2016

With winter months fading away, you may be itching to get started on a home project outdoors. One of the best ways to have some fun with your home, along with increase its value, is by increasing your curb appeal. This can be done in a variety of ways, both by professionals or DIY.

  1. Basic Cleaning:

    Now, this may not be the most exciting ways to spruce up your home, but it is a necessity. Choose a nice day, and get to work! Cleaning your windows will be the first task, as letting sunshine into your home will be well worth the time cleaning. Throughout the summer, remember to take care of your lawn and mow it when needed, along with any weeding that comes up.

  2. Fix It Up:

    There are likely parts of your exterior that you would like to see fixed. Your front door is the porthole to your home, and you should take the time to make sure that it is properly stained, has a nice doorknob, and the windows are clean. If you have a patio or porch, use this summer to re-stain it, plant flowers around it, etc.

  3. Landscaping:

    One of the most important parts of increasing curb appeal is the landscape. If you don’t particularly enjoy gardening, get some friends together that are willing to help or make it a family project! Plan out what you want to see in your front yard, and consult professionals on how to do it yourself!

  4. Leave it to the Professionals:

    Unless you are confident in your DIY abilities, as some are, there are certain sprucing items that you may want to hire someone for. One of these items is fixing any rotted wood around the home. Another is repairing the roof. Professionals should do any big-ticket items you would like to see done, such as building a garage.

Now that you are ready to get started on your front yard, contact Absolute Garage Builders if you would like a new garage or a garage repair!

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