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How to Turn Your Garage Into a COVID-Friendly Hangout Spot

Posted on April 7th, 2021

While more and more people are getting their COVID vaccines, it’s still not deemed safe to return to normal life and socialization habits. As per CDC guidelines, social distancing is still very much in effect, with the recommendations of staying at least 6 feet away from another person and socializing outside. With the garage being a happy medium between being inside and the great outdoors, here are some ideas to make your garage a fun hangout spot.

Renovate, Renovate, Renovate!

With a need for more outdoor-friendly hangout spaces, there’s never been a better time to renovate your garage. Between spring allergies and the summer heat, you’ll be glad you have a brand new covered COVID-friendly set-up to hang out with your friends and family in. If you’re looking for garage builders in Chicago, Absolute Garage Builders can transform your garage space to be functional and fun.

Have an Organizational System

It’s easy to count on our garages as storage spaces, but clearing out excess junk and organizing tools and things you want to keep can make more room for people to hang out in. Perhaps invest in a shelving unit or organize different groups of items in different bins. Be efficient and make use of the space you have.

Make Sure You Have a Source of Heat (or Cooling)

During those chillier spring and summer nights, you’ll want to make sure your garage is warm enough for you and your family or guests; install outdoor heaters, lamps and/or fans. Make sure to do research about the safest ones to install for enclosed spaces. Electric heaters are a safer option for an enclosed space like a garage, especially if you plan on keeping the garage door closed.

Have Fun With it

The options for decorations are endless. You can get string or lantern lights to hang around the top of the garage or decor to go on the walls. Get creative with how you decorate your space to make it your own! Absolute Garage Builders has skilled Chicagoland garage builders that will build not only a functional garage for your cars, but one that makes you feel welcome and at home, no matter what it’s used for.

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