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How Parking Your Car in a Garage is Beneficial

Posted on May 11th, 2021

While it’s convenient to have a designated space for your car, there are actually many more benefits other than just convenience for why you should have a garage over leaving your car in your driveway or on your street.

Protects Against Wear and Tear From the Elements

There are many different parts of a car that are affected by the weather; cold weather can cause rust on your brakes and increase exposure to moisture, which can then lead to your brake rotors corroding. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can affect your car’s battery; cold temperatures can make your car hard to start, while hot temperatures can cause the battery fluid to evaporate. Your tires can also be affected, because straight contact from UV rays can cause the rubber in the tires to break down and rot faster. The paint job can be affected too because the sun leads the paint to oxidize, causing fading and peeling. Bird droppings and residue from bugs or trees can also damage the paint.

Protects Against Damage From Others

The dreaded sideswipe: you walk out of your home to your car parked on your curb, and there’s a large dent on the side of the car that you are now financially responsible for. Having a garage will help you avoid this costly and frustrating situation.

Gives You Peace of Mind

There’s always the chance of theft or vandalism happening when you own a car. Despite all the safety measures you can take with it, if it’s not protected inside your garage, there is always that risk present. But with a home garage, you’ll have peace of mind that your car and other belongings can be locked safely away so nothing will happen to them overnight or when you’re gone.

Curb Appeal and Storage Space

Aside from protecting your car itself and giving you and your family added safety and peace of mind, having your car in a garage and off the street will increase your neighborhood’s curb appeal. Having a garage itself will increase your home’s value, so you can get more out of it if you ever decide to sell it. It will also increase the perceived value of your entire neighborhood by having no cars on the curbs, as well as more space for storage and a large area to perform maintenance checks. Everyone can use more storage space for gardening tools, sports gear, that new quarantine hobby you picked up, snow gear, or anything else you don’t want taking space up inside the house.

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