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Garage Door Components

Posted on February 16th, 2016

Replacing your garage door is a necessity when certain issues arise, such as difficulty opening or closing the door or large dents. However, there are a couple of garage door components you can check yourself if your garage doors is giving you problems. If you do discover that any of these components are broken, Absolute Garage Builders can help!


: If any cables are frayed or loose, they could potentially cause harm to you or your home. In fact, if these garage door components are too worn, they can snap, causing the door to drop unexpectedly, which can cause serious property damage or injuries. You’ll see worn strips on the side of your door or cables in bad shape, so check this often.



: By testing the spring tension of your garage door, you’ll be able to tell if the springs are broken or not. Open your garage door halfway (disconnect the automatic setting if you have an automatic opener), and if the door moves, the springs are broken or need to be fixed. With springs, it is important to contact Absolute Garage Builders so we can replace or fix them; do not adjust them yourself. These garage door components are extremely dangerous, requiring a professional touch to ensure your safety.



: When the rollers at the bottom of your door are in need of replacing or at least lubrication, they will be loud and/or not move smoothly. With the tracks on the sides of your door, they should be securely attached and straight. If you notice any bends, the track may need to be replaced. The same goes for the hinges.


There are things that you should look out for when it comes to your garage door. Certain parts, along with general problems, are signs that you may need a replacement, or at least a repair. Contact Absolute Garage Builders if your garage door has been causing you problems. We will send an experienced professional to your home or business to inspect all of the garage door components for issues. We can then help you make the decision whether to replace these components or if you need an entire garage door replacement.

Contact us today at (773) 583-8800 so you can discuss your options and schedule an appointment to inspect your garage door and its components for wear and tear or other damage.

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