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Enhance Your Privacy With Garage Window Covers

Posted on August 4th, 2021

There’s no doubt a garage gives your vehicle and personal belongings a higher sense of security from the elements and those passing by. With windows that peak into your garage, it doesn’t hurt to level up the privacy of this storage space with some window coverings.

Install Blinds or Window Coverings

We’ve gathered a few tips below to help make your garage feel more secure:

  • Add a tint or film to your garage windows – If you’d still like to shed some light into your garage, then adding a peel-and-stick film might be the best choice. From a simple tint to imitation glass patterns, applying this thin material can keep wandering eyes from easily gazing into your garage. There are also tints that can reduce the amount of light or heat that gets into your garage. You’ll still be able to experience natural light, but without your storage space turning into a sauna.
  • Install blinds or window coverings – While it might seem odd to place blinds or curtains over your garage door windows, this option can be just as effective as using film or a window tint. You’ll have total privacy of your belongings from those passing by your garage, and be able to keep temperatures a bit cooler by not allowing the sun to creep in.
  • When in doubt, use wax paper – This quick and inexpensive option will give you complete coverage from anyone looking inside or outside of your garage. All you need to do is cut wax paper pieces to size, and then tape each piece to the top of each window. Whenever you’d like to shed a little bit of light inside your garage or peek outdoors, you can simply lift up the wax paper coverings to take a look.

Even though window coverings can significantly help your garage get more privacy, we strongly recommend that you lock and secure all windows and doors to this space as well. Not only does this protect your belongings inside, but it can also further protect your home if you have an attached garage.

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After selecting the perfect garage style that fits your needs, we’re happy to provide you with some of our window options or let you select your own from Home Depot. We will install them for you. To view some of our previous projects or schedule a consultation, please call us at (773) 583-8800.

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