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Tips To Keep Your Garage Working In The Winter

Posted on January 21st, 2020

The Garage Door

Your overhead door is the most important component of your garage when it comes to being able to use this space properly. It’s important to keep it safe from freezing during the winter months. When it rains or drizzles, and the temperature plummets, it can cause your door to freeze in place, making it almost impossible to open.

To avoid dealing with daily hassles, make sure you don’t allow snow and ice to accumulate around your garage. This not only makes your door more likely to freeze but can make it difficult to pull out of your garage.

Another trick is to sprinkle table salt on the driveway or apron where the door sits, making it less likely to freeze. Spraying your garage door’s hinges and rollers with lubricant will help keep them safe from freezing and keep them in good working order all year round.

Check the Weather Seals

Every overhead door, as well as your garage entrance door, has a seal that helps to insulate the garage for inclement weather. If this seal is starting to crack and become worn, it’s time to invest in a new one that will keep the winter weather outside. If you notice dirt and moisture beginning to sneak under the door when it’s closed or you feel a draft when you are standing in your garage, it may be time to replace these seals.

Warm it Up

A smart way to ensure your garage door will not get extremely cold at night, making it less likely to freeze up, is to install a new heater in your garage. This will also make your garage a bit more pleasant during the long winter months and makes it easier to get your car going as well.

Absolute Garage Builders

Chicago is known for its unpredictable weather throughout the year – with winter being no exception. If your garage has shifted to the point where you can no longer open or close your door, is sagging under the weight of heavy snow, or needs to have its door replaced, reach out to us at Absolute Garage Builders.

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